You don’t have to be an avid sportsperson to benefit from sport and remedial massage therapy. Every one of us will at some point in our lives benefit from a massage to help recalibrate the delicate balance of the musculo-skeletal system.

Sport and remedial massage therapy (increasingly known as soft tissue therapy) works directly on the soft tissue of the body i.e. the muscles, tendons and ligaments, whose condition directly effects the way we move.

The contraction and extension of muscles create movement across joints and because of the complex movement patterns we are capable of, when one muscle doesn’t function effectively, it has a knock-on effect to others, ultimately impacting on our ability to move freely and without pain. Can you believe a sprained ankle could eventually cause dysfunction in the opposite shoulder?

Our bodies adapt to the lifestyles we lead and inadvertently we create imbalance in the musculo-skeletal system. Throughout our lives we undergo physical and postural changes, often due to lifestyle and inevitably there are times when we are more physically active than others;

  • Young, fit and sporty at school/university.
  • A long commute to a sedentary job.
  • Young children making their own physical and emotional demands.
  • Over enthusiastic participation in a new sport or physical challenge.
  • A veteran athlete experiencing recurring injury.
  • Decreasing muscle tone and bulk with aging.

How do we adapt to these changes?

By being aware of our bodies; our posture, our physical capabilities, and not accepting that increasing age means decreasing mobility or fitness.

After assessing your individual needs, I will create a personalised treatment plan which may be just one treatment or several, depending upon the issue we are dealing with. I will also try to make you aware of the possible causes of the problem, such as poor posture or training methods, and where necessary, will recommend a manageable rehabilitative programme of stretches, strengthening and self-myofascial release.

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